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LeBron continues bricklaying without a union card, cusses out his poor mom

12 May

Wow. So LeBron actually cussed out his mom on National TV. And he even admitted so much in a post-game interview. Yes, my friends, this actually happened.

Late in the first half, Pierce tried to wrap up James to prevent a breakaway dunk and the two of them spun into the expensive seats behind the basket, at which point James’ mother, Gloria, jumped into the fray to give Pierce a piece of her mind. Even as Pierce’s arms were wrapped around him, James was yelling at his mother to back away. “The commissioner doesn’t care if it’s your mother or your kids: You can’t allow fans and players to get involved with each other,” said James. “I told her to sit down in some language I shouldn’t have used. Thank god today wasn’t Mothers Day

Look, this is definitely hilarious, but I think LeBron actually did the right thing here, so I’m not going to rag on him too much. He was only doing what he had to do in order to protect Paul Pierce from his mom’s violent (and possibly drunken) rage. And in doing so, was also protecting his mom from the slammer. Commendable.

LeBron James vs. Gloria James

LeBron: $&#@!

KG: Dude! What the hell is wrong with you? Calm down and stop cussin’ out that poor lady!

LeBron: That’s my mom!

KG: Oh…

Paul Pierce: [instantly lets go of LeBron’s arm]

On to the game – the Celts somehow dropped another game on the road despite LeBron’s continued sucking (7-20 shooting, 5-8 at the line). The announcers were forced to fall back on the “even when it appears that LeBron sucks, he ‘creates’ and is therefore actually awesome” bullshit. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Stats recap through four games:

From the floor: 20-78 (25%)

Percentage of points from free throws: 40

In pictogram form:

LeBron lays an egg against the CelticsLeBron lays an egg against the CelticsLeBron lays an egg against the CelticsLeBron lays an egg against the Celtics

Go back and read that “Is LeBron Underrated ?” article now (from a couple of posts ago). Yeah, that thing stood the test of time. He might want to rethink that whole “LeBron has no help from his anonymous loser teammates” part of the argument.