September 26, 2008

A One-on-One Exclusive With

user-picBy Amar Panchmatia

If LB wasn’t wearing “Cleveland” and “Cavaliers” on the front of his jersey, would you be a LeBron James fan?

One thing’s for sure: Bernard Watkins, the creator of “,” is neither. He doesn’t care for the Cavs. And as you may have probably figured it out by now, he’s not a LeBron fan.

You may have visited before. It might have enraged you. It might have bothered you. It might have made you laugh. It might have even had no effect on you at all.

But what drove him to the point of dedicating a site designed specifically to serve as a temple of hatred for the Chosen One?

I couldn’t help but ask Bernard about his intentions. He was gracious enough to join me for a one-on-one interview where I fired away some pretty interesting questions, but he had an answer for it all.

Buckle up. You may or may not (probably the latter) agree with what you’re about to read, but there’s no denying that you’ll definitely find it entertaining and enjoyable.

Cavalier Attitude: Well, first thing’s first: Are you a Cavs fan? A Cleveland fan? If not, where do your allegiances lie? I’m definitely not a Cavs fan, although I could definitely see a Cavs fan being just at anti-LeBron James as I am. Prior to LeBron’s arrival/ascension from hell/descent from heaven/whatever, I could give a flying you-know-what about the Cavs. All I really knew about the Cavs was that Craig Ehlo almost got punched in the face after that one Jordan jumper and that they traditionally had some of the most cartoonishly ridiculous jerseys in sports. Also, I knew that they played in the NBA. Also not a Cleveland fan. Sometimes I feel sorry for the Browns, but usually not. I also know you guys have a river that caught on fire not once, but two or three times. That totally blows my mind.

Where do my allegiances lie? Whoa, brother – I can’t really say. That would taint the ironclad objectivity has worked so hard to maintain. A few people out there on the internet have guessed correctly. I think you can read my site and use process of elimination to figure it out. Maybe not. It’s not the Celtics. It’s definitely not the Lakers.

Michael Jordan had gambling. Kobe had his rape case. Barry Bonds and a plethora of baseball stars are tainted by steroids, and yet a slew of other athletes are constantly in and out of legal problems. Yet, you decided to dedicate a hate site for LeBron James, someone who suffers from none of these downfalls. You must have a good reason, right?

For some reason, people assume that if I hate LeBron James, it must be because I am in love with one of the other jerk megastars running around. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I hate all those guys, especially the scumbags referenced in this question. Jordan is probably the most arrogant person ever to walk the face of planet earth. He is a degenerate gambler, an adulterer, and a loathsome corporate shill. Kobe is an absolute scumbag who should be sitting in a jail cell right now. He is basically the spoiled brat edition of Jordan – take Jordan, subtract clutchness and then add raping, a rich kid-esque sense of entitlement, and out-of-control jealousy. Barry Bonds is the unapologetic king of all cheaters and I won’t shed a tear when his enlarged heart fails him within the next ten years.

So why did I pick LeBron?

The most obvious difference between LeBron and these other jerks is that LeBron is young, current, and the most popular player in the league, if not all of sports. Right now, LeBron is all you hear about. Sportscenter, network TV announcers, Nike commercials, vitamin water commercials, even lawnmower commercials cram Lebron down all of our throats on a daily basis. You can go months without noticing Jordan, save for some retarded underwear commercial. Kobe is current but is too boring to dedicate an entire site to and frankly, the rape stuff is just plain terrible and depressing – it’s certainly not something to regularly make light of in a goofy web site. Plus, Shaq does enough Kobe-bashing for everybody, so whatever. Barry Bonds – waaay too easy and again, too boring.

The most important difference between LeBron and these punks is that these guys are already widely hated. They’ve been exposed for the creeps and jerks that they are and the people have responded with near-appropriate levels of hatred for them. But for some reason, people still drool all over LeBron despite his constantly televised antics. That upsets me. These people need to be educated. That’s what my site is for. On-court hissyfits, shameless cheating like the “Ow ow ow ow OWWWW! REF!!! My eye was TOTALLY POKED by that MEAN BULLY!” bullshit (when nothing at all actually happened), Duke/Coach K-worthy dives, bulldozing charges that are never called, that fact that he successfully greases the refs with non-stop whining, his Alex P. Keaton money-grubbing entrepreneur bullshit, his lobbying the Cavs management to dismantle the team every five minutes – the list goes on and on. He is the only player in the league who is regularly allowed to yell and whine at refs and interrupt play while he takes an entire lap around the court crying about some (legitimate) non-call.

These guys weren’t created in a Nike brand test tube inside of David Stern’s basement like LeBron was either. It makes me mad that the league is clearly propping him up. They were before he played a single game. And it makes me mad that Nike’s money has a lot to do with it. He is clearly receiving preferential treatment a cut above that afforded to the other NBA stars. Think about it – somehow, a shoe company is changing the way that basketball is played in the NBA. There is a not a single honest fan of the game that can watch a nationally broadcast Cavs game and not be sickened by the outrageous LeBron asskissing by the announcers. LeBron is 0 for 9 from the field and continues to steal open shots from his teammates, but HE COULD EXPOLODE FOR 50 AT ANY MOMENT! LeBron just threw the ball into the crowd in transition for his tenth turnover of the game, but HE COULD EXPLODE FOR 50 AT ANY MOMENT! LeBron’s chump teammates are shooting 65% and bailing the Cavs out with career-best performances in the playoffs, but NOBODY DOES MORE WITH LESS THAN LEBRON … HE’S CARRYING THIS TEAM OF LOSERS ON HIS BACK! And – well, HE COULD EXPLODE FOR 50 AT ANY MOMENT! I really feel that LeBron is a metaphor for everything that is wrong with the NBA these days. Yeah, he didn’t rape anybody, but he’s still a pompous jerk.

Luckily, was not taken. I’ll say one thing, in the context of my website, “hate” is meant tongue-in-cheek, obviously. I don’t actually hate LeBron in the traditional sense of the word. I don’t actually want anything bad to happen to LeBron. Well, outside of a horrible, Lawrence Taylor-on-Joe Theismann-type career-ending injury, of course. Uh, okay, maybe I actually do hate LeBron James.

Look – I hate the Lakers, the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Patriots, and the Cowboys. I am a hater, people – if you are a jerk or a cheater or if your team is a collective bunch of jerks or cheaters, there is a 100% chance that I hate your guts. And I hate fair-weather fans. Sadly, it has become impossible for true Cavs fans to escape the throngs of fair-weather Cavs fans, so I kinda have to hate the Cavs in general..

A lot of LeBron’s critics question the insufferable amounts of hype that followed him into the NBA and the fact that he has no rings to warrant any of that hoopla. But Jordan came in with a lot of media noise, yet he didn’t win a title until his seventh season. And MJ’s arguably the most popular athlete on the planet. Are there any parallels here? Do you think haters like yourself may look at LB differently if he wins a championship?

Some haters will, of course. I hate Jordan but I have to respect his game. If LeBron does eventually win a championship, and he shoots 18% in the finals with 34 points per game coming from free throws generated by shady foul calls, a cloud of suspicion will loom over his title. I’m willing to bet that’s the way it will happen, if it ever does. There are tons of players who could win a ring but haven’t yet or won’t ever. Have they been prematurely christened King Jordan II? No they haven’t. LeBron has. That’s the difference. If LeBron puts together an entire playoff run consisting of games that halfway resemble the one where he beat the Pistons a few years back, I’d have to respect him. If he then wins three or four more titles after that, I might have to accept the Jordan comparisons. As of right now, he’s an overrated diva who can’t make jump shots in the playoffs. He’s the most hyped sports figure of all time. I’m willing to bet Jordan’s hype level didn’t approach LeBron’s current hype level until after he won a title. Things have changed.

How do you see LeBron’s career playing out?

I see him riding his invincible bull-charge and a massive wave of free throws to a title eventually. Sooner or later, somebody is going to put a team around him that is a bona fide contender and he’ll win it all. But I bet it will be ugly, basically what I described in my answer to your last question, or due mainly to the fact that his team is stacked. If you put LeBron on a team like the recent Spurs teams or even a team like the – gasp – Lakers, of course he could win a title. It’s not going to make him Jordan. I say he wins one or two titles at the most. I don’t see him winning one with the Cavs because his bloated salary makes putting together a team with any kind of real depth nearly impossible for a small market team (sorry, Amar!). One in NY, maybe one on his final team if he takes a pay cut in a last gasp effort to win one before he retires (think Karl Malone on the Lakers).

I see LeBron’s career playing out as an exercise in stat-whoring.

Hate mail comes with your territory. What are some of the more interesting ones you’ve received?

There are a few common threads in almost all of the hate mail that I receive:

  1. they are laced with nonsensical profanity and shit grammar
  2. they refuse to acknowledge valid points I make (sometimes I reply)
  3. they are predictable and boring to read (you’re just jealous, LeBron’s a nice guy, why are you such a racist?, LeBron will own your team/has owned your team in the past, you are a loser with too much time on your hands, you must not have a girlfriend, fuck you)

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I received interesting hate mail. It’s like there is a hatemail auto-generator that all of these guys are using. Most of the hate mail I get is not clever, funny, or insightful. It appears to be written by children, retards, or retarded children. Sadly, hate mail has long since ceased to have any entertainment value to me. All of the interesting mail I receive is in support of the site, or mail that isn’t quite up to the level of hate mail from pissed off Cavs fans that are reasonable people (and often find themselves agreeing with some of things I say but are pissed that I’m ragging on Clevelanders or the Cavs).

The most recent news that even irked LeBron James fans like myself was the story of him considering playing in Greece if he got an offer “around $50 million per year.” How is this situation going to play itself out?

Nike would never let LeBron leave the NBA for any reason. ESPNBAvid $tern would certainly never let it happen, either. I know that the Olympics were going on at the time, European basketball league salaries are rising, and several NBA players are jumping ship to Europe so I’m guessing that’s the context of this quote. I’m sure LeBron was at least half-serious, maybe totally serious. This quote shows what LeBron and his handlers are all about – money. That should piss off Cavs fans. What a ridiculous thing to say. Is it too difficult to see why I hate LeBron James? He was either saying, “Greece, your league sucks so bad it would take the amazing sum of $50 million to get me over there,” or “I’m a greedy bastard. I’ll do it for the right price.” Both are bad.

Will it even matter if Nike and David Stern don’t allow LeBron to go to Europe? Stern can control the league, but he can’t control someone’s life – especially somebody whose contract with his league is expired. And his Nike contract is up by 2010 – don’t you think that Euro-based Adidas will be all over him in the rare instance that Nike decides to dump LeBron?

If a league in Europe and/or Adidas puts up more money than Nike and the NBA can promise – that’s the only way LeBron will ever make it to Europe. When LeBron’s Nike contract expires, I’m not so sure Adidas would be able to legitimately challenge Nike for a new contract. Nike is heavily invested in the NBA and LeBron is a critical part of their gameplan. Adidas will probably throw a massive pile of cash at LeBron and give it a shot, but they have the entire European soccer world to fall back on and probably won’t go as high as Nike. Also, I’m guessing that Nike is on a whole different plane of wealth than Adidas – that’s why they got LeBron in the first place – and they’re not going to let someone else outbid them unless LeBron gets into some PR nightmare fiasco. It’s definitely safe to assume that no European league will be able to match an NBA max contract in the foreseeable future.

I partially disagree with the premise of your question – that Stern/Nike can’t control LeBron’s life. I think LeBron’s life can be controlled. With money. As long as Nike keeps the money flowing, they can ensure that they control LeBron’s decisions to some extent. Maybe nudge him 45% of the way in any particular direction (like towards a major market NBA team). Nike and the NBA are definitely going to nudge LeBron away from leaving their market.

Other than take issue with LeBron James, your site also seems to take subtle shots at Cavs fans and even the entire NBA. Who do you think are more delusional: Cavs fans, or NBA fans in general? Or both?

When I take swipes at Cavs fans, it’s because they are the ones most enthusiastically cheering on LeBron’s antics and giving him massive piles of cash. I have no choice. Many Cavs fans have either bought into the LeBron’s BS or decided that it’s okay to cheer for him because the BS benefits their team. Either way, it’s annoying, and these Cavs fans deserve to be called out.

First, I think Clevelanders are delusional if they think LeBron really cares about them. He disrespects the city of Cleveland every time he attends an Indians game and openly roots for the Yankees wearing a Yankees hat, roots for the Dallas Cowboys, or praises NYC to the high heavens while being photographed in front of the Statue of Liberty. He even has a Yankees-themed LeBron James shoe the he designed himself!

Second, Cavs fans are delusional if they think that it’s okay for their player to cheat and benefit from special treatment. This delusion is heavily tinged with irony when you consider all the times (I’m assuming) the Cavs were screwed by the special treatment Jordan received in his heyday. It wasn’t so cool back then, was it? Considering that it’s very likely to come back and bite the Cavs in the ass if LeBron goes to the Knicks, rabidly pro-LeBron Cavs fans have some nerve.

I think there are two types of NBA fans (and Cavs fans): those that realize that the league is becoming a mess because of star treatment and those that don’t realize it or like it because it benefits their team. All fans in the second group are delusional. Most Cavs fans all into this second group. But so do most Lakers fans.

So is the league ever going to get back to the level that it was at back in the early- to mid-90’s? You know, LeBron James has been the one appointed to take it there.

Every time LeBron shoots terribly, completely abandons his jump shot, and goes to his bull charge for an entire half of a playoff game precisely because he knows the refs won’t call a charge on him, he takes the league further away from the Jordan/Bird days. If the league thinks that kind of nonsense is going to bring the league back to its former popularity, they’re wrong. Nobody wants to watch LeBron use a cheesy videogame-style cheat move over and over again.

What do you think Nike is thinking about the $100 million investment they made in James back in May of 2003?

Well, they’re getting their money’s worth. Most importantly, Nike has proven that they can engineer a sports superstar in the post-Jordan era.. Nike is making out like a bandit and loving it. It’s sad that business (and Nike in particular), which is necessarily the biggest part of any professional sport, has overplayed its hand with LeBron (and other players as well) to the detriment of the quality and popularity of the sport.

Bernard, you’ve been a class act here. But you know what they say about opinions: Opinions are like assholes – everybody has one. You certainly have yours. All the best to you, and hopefully we can catch up again down the road in the future.

Are you calling me an asshole? Kidding of course – even though you kind of are calling me an asshole! Thanks for the opportunity. It was a lot of fun. Take it easy, Amar. And remember – as soon as LeBron screws over the Cavs, your site will essentially become and I’ll change my website to have Knicks colors.

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43 Responses to “Interview”

  1. jmak2228 February 25, 2009 at 6:38 am #

    To Quote you
    “Every time LeBron shoots terribly, completely abandons his jump shot, and goes to his bull charge for an entire half of a playoff game precisely because he knows the refs won’t call a charge on him, he takes the league further away from the Jordan/Bird days. If the league thinks that kind of nonsense is going to bring the league back to its former popularity, they’re wrong. Nobody wants to watch LeBron use a cheesy videogame-style cheat move over and over again.”

    Do you remember watching MJ plan? So now LeBron who hasn’t really been getting the calls ever since the “crab dribble” gets a few super start calls its been going on for a LONG TIME a LONG TIME like back in the Jordan/Bird days.. Jordan got 3 steps, hell the crab dribble might have even been legal for him.

  2. erik peterson March 20, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    fuck all of you, lebron is the best

  3. sankalp April 10, 2009 at 7:21 pm #

    erik peterson is in denial because he just found out that everything he knew about his team’s successes is orchestrated..
    by the way Bernard, i’m sure its amusing when u get hate mail accusing u of being racist when the majority of the nba is not caucasian

    At least you realize that the NBA is as fake as pro-wrestling

  4. Donald Desmondo April 25, 2009 at 9:00 am #

    erik peterson :
    fuck all of you, lebron is the best

    What a very stereotypical ignorant comment from a LeBron fan. It’s people like you that sicken me. Yes LeBron is a great player, but you falling into all the media bull shit and caring enough to even respond with a ignorant comment like that is enough to know that the human race is doomed.

  5. KO May 25, 2009 at 10:28 am #

    I don’t agree with your hatred towards Lebron, but at least you are an equal opportunity hater. People who worship Kobe and rip on Lebron (or vice versa) for equally annoying qualities piss me off.

  6. jac May 29, 2009 at 6:19 am #

    You are probably the biggest jerk among all the people you just listed.

    Must feel so nice to dedicate your time hating on someone so much.

    You are gay and have a man crush on all those men.

    Take your shit outside, pansy ass. You’re too much of a coward to even show yourself. People who are as mental like you deserve to be locked up for ruining our society. Arrogant asshole.

    Just because you are obsessive and have a huge man crush on lebron doesn’t mean you actually create a site about it. I mean people are laughing at you, a lot, seriously. DO you think lebron gives a shit who you are ? or Kobe or jordan? Who are you anyways..some retard who has nothing to do and makes hate websites…uhh ya I rather not be you.

    get a L I F E.

    I dont even like Lebron that much and personally like Kobe and the Lakers but your behavior is unacceptable. What a downgrade to society you are.

    and I cant even believe people support you, you are like a rare mutation to society who is so insecure he needs to make fun of others.

  7. Conspiracy Theorist June 7, 2009 at 8:56 pm #

    jordan had to fucking earn those calls over a number of years (P.S im not saying its alright that he did get those calls)….lebrick was treated like a king before even stepping on the court. hell the nba rules those days made sure that whoever went down the lane got hammered…there doesn’t even need to be a hair touching leprick james when he gets the call.

  8. Ibleedpurplengold July 15, 2009 at 1:13 am #

    What are you talking about? This site is fucking golden and hilarious… not to mention accurate!

    How is he ruining society by trashing a douche bag media/money created monstrosity that lived up to the hype individually but has belly flopped from sky-scraper heights in winning a championship with his team?

    And, not that I give a shit, but I think many people would be far more disgusted with you… someone that throws around arguments and insults like a 12 year old and still thinks it’s cool to try and belittle people by labeling them gay or a man-lover.

  9. amos1er February 25, 2010 at 2:59 am #

    I don’t even refer to them as “The Cavs” anymore. I call them “The Lebrons” because most of their fans aren’t even fans of the Cavs franchise, rather they are butt licking Lebronites who have fallen prey to the manipulation of Nike, Gatorade and ESPN. How many of these so called “Cavs fans” will still root for the Cavs once Lebron goes to another team next year? How many even rooted for the Cavs before Lebron got there. 80% of their fan base are butt licking Lebronites, so I now refer to them as their name truly should be……..”THE LEBRONS”

  10. KB24 March 28, 2010 at 6:46 pm #

    lebron james is the fucking cockiest basketball player alive. people are right, he is a stat whore, not a championship/ring player. the worst part is, he thinks and accepts all the feedback of stuff like “oh your the best in the world lebron”. the guy knows to make flashy dunks and thats pretty much it. he is not a championship person.


  11. Akron Memphis April 26, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    I hate Lebron too, glad to see I’m not the only one. My history dates back 10+ years.

  12. Steve Johnson May 6, 2010 at 5:22 am #

    LeBrick is good BUT he lacks ALL the ingredients to be the next Michael Jordan, also a lot of myths and hype surrounds his game that should be debunked, with those it makes him seemingly “untouchable”. Marketing really helps, consider the following:

    IMMATURE – Pre-game Dancing on the sidelines , poses on camera and do his “powder throwing ceremony every game.

    CHILDISH – he still bites his nails.

    BRAT – publicly announces that he hates Washington Wizards and the Boston Celtics, “We hate them” – LBJ

    EGOTISTIC – Always mistaken as confidence but to say that ” He will be the Best Player Ever to play the Game” and “He can Win the scoring title Every Single Year if He WANTS to”. is not just being confident but bordering into being an Arrogant ASShole.

    FLIPPANT – He publicly said that He will join the Slam Dunk Contest, and the All Star is finished and We did not see any James participated in the dunk contest.

    WRONG PRIORITIES – he said he “didn’t want to play for the US team” this summer because he already has a scheduled appointment, and I was surprised it was a movie guesting,. You were known to be a basketball player and not a movie star and to deny the opportunity to play for your flag in exchange for a movie appearance is utterly bullshit. It’s good to have other sidelines but place importance on your “Call of duty”

    EXCUSE ARTIST – He Fakes his injury and blames it for their loss to the Celtics in Game 2 by pretending to be Hurt, Also showing the media that you Can shoot free throws with your left hand, and after he did not make it, He gives a subtle hint that its because of his injury but in fact he is just doing some “ego boosting” by unnecessarily trying to shoot with his left.

    LACK of GAME FINESSE – Lebron likes to Shout when he dunks or blocks somebody. He also plays like a man possessed bullying his way on the opposition. He plays with power but he moves like a raging truck lacking finesse, he thinks his dunk is spectacular but its always the same “forced power dunks” ….consider Vince Carter, he jumps higher and dunks with more power than Lebron but he does it gracefully and dominance, he calculates his move rather than force it every time. Whenever LBJ he moves his body language seems to say “Get out of the way or Ill bulldoze you” rather than slithering over the defenses, maybe that is why Kobe is called the Black Mamba.
    Jordan was graceful and Dwayne Wade is very entertaining and like a Silent Assassin, He never says a word, but he is punishing and killing you silently with his quick jumpers, killer crossovers, poster dunks, etc. You never new what hit you because they does it with such finesse and yet they dominates. Lebron should play football quarterback instead of basketball.

    ALL HYPE – When ever Cleveland wins he always gets the credit not realizing that the CAVS is filled with very talented role player, -> Mo Williams is very talented and a deadshot at 3 pointers, always plays as decoy, SHAQ is still an inside force, remember he was not there when the MAGIC and Dwight Howard manhandled them as if LeBrick has run into a brick wall, also when they were swept 4-0 by the aging Spurs, there was no Shaq then, Hickson, Ilgauskus , Moon and the addition of Jamison completes the All star line-up.So don’t always give props for James. his teammates are all talented.

    REPUTATION WHORE – I don’t know if its Nike or James who ordered all tapes to be confiscated when he was dunked by Jordan Crawford, I’ve seen the dunk and it was not that nasty, but why keep it?, why are you so afraid to see yourself to be dunked upon. Even MJ was blocked and dunked past several times in his career but nobody ordered to hide it, whoever it is, somebody is so concerned about James HYPE and reputation, and they only want their boy dunking on somebody but not dunked upon.

    Finally James should first win a championship before even considering him “One of the Best”. With that ALL Star cast there should be no excuse this time. Jordan has 6, Kobe has 4, D-Wade has 1. They are considered the best because they have proven themselves. Now is the best time with Shaq on the line-up unless you get ACED up by the Celtics or again ran into the Brick Wall named Dwight Howard, thus the “LeBrick, LeChoke, LeHype Saga and whatever it is conitnues……………..
    – Reuters –

  13. lalala May 7, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    Wait… why should kobe be sitting in a jail cell again? And how is he a rapist?

    He’s a rapist because some chick fucked him, then figured, “hey, i could make a quick penny here”, and falsified a rape accusation in an attempt to make money? Yeah, that really makes sense, Kobe REALLY deserves to go to jail because of some gold digging whore.

  14. linney 4367 May 26, 2010 at 9:28 pm #

    lebron is STUPID he needs a life

  15. linney 4367 May 26, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

    your a dum pice of crap

  16. Mjalltheway June 14, 2010 at 5:02 am #

    You’re cool

  17. Bullsman23 July 9, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

    finally somebody relizes that lebron is a over rated motherfucker who has his head shoved up ass all he gives a fuck about is his damn greatnes what a dick

  18. He was right! July 10, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    Well well well. Looks like he was CORRECT about everything! How do you like LeBron now Cleveland? Oh that’s right, everyone is burning his freaking jersey. He didn’t go to the knicks though, but definitely to a stacked team with Wade and Bosh to get his rings for his “legacy”…. It’s gonna be hard watching him cheat and whine his way to the free throw line now that he’s not on your team anymore. What’s also funny is that this site has become a venting grounds for the cleveland fans that used to cuddle his nuts. Now you know and see the truth, and it shall set you free…..

  19. Kevin July 10, 2010 at 11:41 pm #

    I’m a Cavs fan not a Lebron fan I root for my team with out without him, I liked the Cavs way before and will continue. I actually lost respect for him when I saw about that hour long special on ESPN, then I almost didn’t want him there after that, don’t get me wrong that will be a huge hole in the team but Cleveland Sports fans have been through enough through out the years and the be screwed by one of their own is bullshit.

    Lebron is the opposite of the kind of sports figure you should want your kids looking up to, he is a fucking douche and karma will get him

  20. Kevin July 10, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    I forgot one thing to the stupid people who blame Cavs fans the Cavs are mad how he left just as much as that he left, he could have told them and not had an hour special embarrasing the city and it’s fans that were nothing but nice to him.

    Gilbert even got a few other guys as support for him, and he really only gave is a season and a half of building before he called it quits, not enough time, Lebron with a worthless peice of shit.

    His crack head mom talked him into it a well, and this is the same lady that almost cost him elgibility when she bought a hummer after he graduated and before he signed with the Cavs, they had no money and she bought a hummer, and he is a dumb as his Mom, who rumor had it that Delonte West was banging Lebron’s Mom but I’m not sure the valifity of that story.

  21. Kevin July 10, 2010 at 11:45 pm #

    or validity

  22. Kevin July 10, 2010 at 11:46 pm #

    he was right your an idiot I hope you get some friends and maybe even get laid one day, I’m out to go have fun

  23. LePieceofShit July 12, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

    I’m glad that front-running piece of horseshit left Cleveland. He flew south so his mother could keep riding West! I hope the whole Cavaliers team runs a greasy train on his crackhead mother. I’m so sick of that self-serving crybaby’s stupid Amish beard! And I’m tired of hearing people and the media call him a businessman. LeBoob is a spoiled rotten little kid who doesn’t know anything about business, except the business of pissing off all of his customers!! SCREW YOU LEBRON!! You need to get hit by a friggin’ bus. I hope Delonte screws your mom right up the ass like you’ve been screwing your teammates and Cleveland for the past 7 years!

  24. NYC299 July 12, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    lebron sucks cock he is an over rated piece of shit kobe is 20x better then himm same with dwight howard!!!

  25. pistonsfan July 19, 2010 at 2:32 am #

    erik is gay….so is lbj

  26. Brad August 5, 2010 at 8:58 pm #

    This is such a poor website! Whoever made this website need to improve their skill building…..however I want to say this to whoever is bent over this Lebron James by not resigning with Cleveland….I am so sorry if you are made over something stupid and you want to be with a championship for Cleveland! Then again Browns have not done well for that matter! however I have got a question for you? If an offer made to you to where you get paid more money? Errr duh! Then again what is soo fantastic about Ohio? Seriously you have nothing there then your Ohio State Buckeyes! Dont you know any Cleveland team sucks!

  27. jairo ramirez August 6, 2010 at 7:18 am #

    i love all you lebron lovers!! you people are sooo funny!
    he betrayed you and backstabbed you in the heart lol!
    fuck lebron!!

  28. big_lo November 13, 2010 at 1:55 am #

    fuck lebron gay motha fuckin james…i hope his mom gets trained on in miami….fuck anyone else that supports this fuckin loser …long live jordan,magic,bird…these players r real not fake ass bitches

  29. big_lo November 13, 2010 at 1:56 am #

    im soo glad west fucked his mom…i mean she looks like a crack whore…but fuck it its pussy!

  30. you June 22, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    this whole page just proves to me that you don’t even know the game of basketball. Stop crying about lebron being the best and move on with your excuse of a life

  31. Daniel Napolitan February 14, 2013 at 4:07 am #

    Some of these replies are PROVING THIS GUYS FUCKING POINT ABOUT THE HATE MAIL, and the reason I can’t stay off of this website is because he obviously thinks before he types any thing in. Although it really pisses me off that it NEVERgets updated. But it is always entertaining reading these articles. And there are several valid points given throughout the website, and really, all of you who reply, if you are not a damn RETARD fucking think before you speak or you will just give him more reasons to keep writing all of this about LeBron. So if you don’t agree with this website, either THINK before you send hate mail, or FUCK OFF.

  32. HYDMX March 9, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

    Chill dude, you don’t need to hate on somebody. If i were you, i’d focus on something else that would be something positive instead of whining that this is all LeBron’s fault.

  33. Joe June 22, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Anyone that takes the time to develop and maintain a website devoted to hate, has serious personality issues as well as way too much time on their hands. Please seek therapy.,32907/?ref=auto

  34. unobruno01 September 11, 2013 at 8:33 pm #


  35. anon March 7, 2014 at 5:30 am #

    Miami fans love the attention it just means you guys will watch Miami games and generate income for us while you spend hours trying to break it down. Thanks Man. Oh yeah one tip, you might want to actually learn about basketball before you talk about basketball

  36. you're retarted March 7, 2014 at 5:31 am #

    Miami fans love the attention it just means you guys will watch Miami games and generate income for us while you spend hours trying to break it down. Thanks Man. Oh yeah one tip, you might want to actually learn about basketball before you talk about basketball

  37. Drew March 15, 2014 at 8:34 pm #

    100 bucks says the owner of this website is a butt-hurt cavaliers fan who hasn’t stopped crying since 2010. Get a fucking life.

  38. Drew March 15, 2014 at 8:42 pm #

    “lebron sucks cock he is an over rated piece of shit kobe is 20x better then himm same with dwight howard!!!”

    I found the 8 year old who doesn’t know anything about basketball.

  39. bernardgwatkins March 18, 2014 at 7:13 pm #

    Dead wrong. Hated LeBron since the Cavs day and you can read tons of posts to prove it. I’ll take the 100 bucks via paypal, dipshit.

  40. hahahaha March 25, 2014 at 7:40 am #

    Holy shit this is just as fucked as lemon party

  41. Fred May 27, 2015 at 1:32 pm #

    I like how you act like anyone who has ever liked the cavs is a LeBron dickrider, when in reality, we’re fans with or without him. We get it, you hate him because the knicks are bad. It’s okay we’re sorry he didn’t want to go play for a team that sucks a big one.

  42. Ivan November 30, 2015 at 4:38 am #

    Leberon looks like a jerk. I hate him as hell. I was wondering one day, how can Leberon looks so ugly, so so ugly. And his parents still kept him alive…

  43. Giga November 15, 2016 at 7:04 am #

    Ok i agree with you. LeBron is a full of shit and thrash like cat fuckers. don’t hate me and my opinion.

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