Oh yeah, it gets worse…

22 Apr

So now Wizards are actually getting ejected for hard fouls on LeBron – fouls that are actually less violent than fouls committed on Wizards in the very same game (Varejao clotheslining Blatche in mid-air, some other Cavs dude wrecking Antonio Daniels mid-air, etc.). The Varejao foul was a flagrant 1. The foul on Antonio Daniels was just a regular blocking foul, I think. But Brendan Haywood grabbing LeBron’s midsection mid-air – flagrant 2, instant ejection. Immediate talk of a suspension. Come on.

Caron Butler actually got called for a hand-checking foul on LeBron well after the game was completely out of reach (20+ points!). Watch it. It’s a joke. Much like the elbow, there’s no justifying this shit. Reggie Miller came *this* close to calling out the refs multiple times without actually going through with it. I know he wanted to, but he probably felt the collar around his neck tighten threateningly and had to back off. So he had to resort to the mildest possible “one could make the case that” type of innocuous bullshit comments. He pussed out, basically. Still, you could tell what he wanted to say, and that is something.

Son of a bitch. I don’t know how you Cavs fans live with yourselves and take pride in these wins.


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