The Great Jay-Z Enters the Ring

27 Apr

This shit is so played-out that the New Republic is writing about it.

I’m sick and tired of this LeBron/Stevenson BS already.  Most of all, I am sick of hearing the TV announcers repeat that shit over and over.  It has gotten so bad that the network produced graphic overlays to explain the whole thing to the viewers during game four.  Please, cut that shit out.  When a couple of crackerjack TV announcers are explaining some rapper shit to you, it loses whatever mystique and coolness it might have had at that very instant.

So, to summarize – some DJ in a DC club played an anti-Wizards song from Jay Z prior to Sunday’s game.  Butler, who was the only Wizard to attend the party, felt slighted and left the party, rather than beat somebody up.

First off, that moron DJ needs to check himself before he finds himself spinning tiny-bopper hits in some Clevaland shithole or floating face down in the Anacostia.  Hometown loyalty, asshole.  Second, Jay Z pretty much undermined the whole “I’m too good to respond to insults from lesser chumps” argument by recording that dumb song, now didn’t he?

A Village Voice blog entry sums up this nonsense better than I can, and gets to the essential core of Jay Z’s involvement in this whole fiasco:

Ah: To make this relevant to your life, Jay-Z is probably siding with Lebron here because he aims to woo the guy from Cleveland to Brooklyn in a couple years, just in time to join the relocated Nets, who will play in a fancy new arena whose construction will probably involve bulldozing your apartment.

Uh…yup.  I’l leave it at that.


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