The Feud

30 Apr

Alright. I’m sick of the feud, you’re sick of the feud. However, for the sake of completeness, I’m going to provide one last round of updates.

First, I found the actual audio of the Jay Z’s lame Wizards-bashing song.

Not that I’m a rap aficionado, but I can confidently say this some corny crap (refrain is “blow the whistle” followed by cheesy whistle sound effect).

In the first few lines, Jay Z, like LeBron, completely fails to grasp the irony of saying crap like:

Ask my [buddy] LeBron, so big we ain’t gotta respond.

When you’re talking to a don, please respect like you’re talking to your mom

Dude, you can’t say “I am not going to bother responding to you,” proceed to write a song, go through the trouble of driving to the studio and recording an entire track complete with goofy sound effects, and then include a lyric of “I am not going to bother reponding to you” in that very same song. It’s self-contradictory. Whatever, I’ve beat this dead horse, so I’ll move on. After that, the lyrics just get downright strange:

Who the fuck is overrated?

If anything they underpaid him

Hate and [some shit I can’t make out] gonna make him

Spend a night outta spite with the chick you’ve been dating

Whaaa!? Guess Stevenson better watch his chick around LeBron. Or something like that. Weird. Seriously?

Of course Jay Z opens with some crap about Brooklyn this and that. Obvious hint or what?

Okay, so now we have the Jay Z rap covered. Last item of business – I actually found the quote from DeShawn Stevenson describing the origin of the feud (from Scoop Jackson at

“[LeBron] said something about my game. He said I’m getting a lot of hype this year, that he doesn’t think I’m the good player I am and basically that I suck, our team sucks and we’re not going anywhere. I took offense to that,” Stevenson was quoted as saying in The New York Times. “If LeBron James never said that comment, we wouldn’t have the rivalry we have right now.”

Okay, that’s it. I hope.


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