Wizards lose again…sigh

2 May

Last word about the Wizards vs. Cavaliers rivalry – two out of the three series that Cavs have won were handicapped strongly in LeBron’s favor due to injuries as a matter of fact. For the sake of argument, I’ll give LeBron the first series because nobody on the Wizards was really hurt, even though you could easily argue that two of the Cavs wins were due to absolute trash and that was the difference (see early stuff on this site).

As far as the last two series go – bad calls, suspensions, cheating, and travelling aside – injuries were the most important factor, not LeBron’s overwhelming skill. Gilbert and Caron were completely absent from the 2007 series. Enough said. This year, Gilbert was basically playing on one leg and Caron was obviously a wreck due the numerous injuries he had been carrying all season and that ramped up as he tried to compensate for Gil’s absence down the stretch.

LeBron doesn’t exactly own the Wizards, he owns a beat up, injured approximation of the Wizards.

Gilbert Arenas hates LeBron James, too
Whatever, asshole.  Good thing I was fucking crippled.

Bad news, LeBron – ESPNBAvid Stern wants a Celtics/Lakers finals more than anything in the world. That’s right – even more than it/he wants you, Chosen One.

Good luck with KG, buddy!


KG must feast


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