LeBron defined by urbandictionary.com

6 May

“lebron” – urbandictionary.com:

1. To place an unearned amount of hype on something without having any experience with said thing.

2. To elevate an ordinary and unspectacular thing or event to a level of great historical importance.

3. To be overzealously devoted to a person or idea based on the fact that the person or idea is constantly repeated by the hypnotized masses.

4. A member of Cleveland’s NBA team, the Cavaliers, also known as the Lebrons due to the fact that media coverage leads most to believe there is no one other than Lebron James on the team and that he is solely responsible for EVERYTHING positive that happens to this franchise.

1. “Damn man, that spaghetti looks good from a distance, therefore, it’s the best spaghetti ever.”

“You haven’t even tasted it, stop Lebroning!”

2. “Oh shit, did you feel that gust of wind!?!? Man, that must have been the hardest gust of wind ever!!”

“What are you talking about?? It’s been windy all day, stop pulling a Lebron!”

3. “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction! Saddam is responsible for 911! Lebron James is the greatest basketball player of all time!”

“You’re a hypnotized Lebron!”

4. “Hey man, did you see the Pacers-Lebrons game last night?”

“Yeah, I liked when that one Lebron with the blonde hair made that block in the third quarter.”


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