LeBron gets a single measly MVP vote

7 May

Read how LeBron manages only a single MVP vote.

And this despite leading the league in scoring. So who voted for LeBron, anyway? Hmmmm:


I have to comment on Kobe’s MVP selection, which basically amounts to a lifetime achievement award. It’s totally bogus. I don’t care how good of a season the Lakers had. Kevin Garnett took a complete disaster of a team and turned it into the league’s best team in a single season. In fact, it was the biggest single-season win/loss turnaround in the history of the league. How the hell did KG not get MVP for that alone? And I don’t buy the “west is a tougher conference” bullshit. Who cares? KG was definitely the most valuable player in the entire league. If LeBron and Ray Allen went to the Heat next year and won 60 games (Dwyane Wade = Paul Pierce in this scenario), LeBron would win MVP with a 100% margin of victory in the voting. That’s just the truth.


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