“Pulling a LeBron”

10 Jul

Main Entry: 1pull a LeBron

Pronunciation: \?pu?l ? l?-brä?’ also ?p?l ? l?-brä?’\

Function: transitive verb

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English pullian; akin to Middle Low German pulen to shell, combined with proper noun LeBron/LeBron James [exp], contemporary

Date: 2009

transitive verb 1 a: to become humiliated by an inferior member of peer-group b : to refuse to acknowledge failure [ref] c : to strain abnormally in order to prevent exposure of embarrassment d : willful suppression evidence (of failure)

Let’s examine a sequence of events so compelling that they necessitated an expansion of the English language itself:

LeBron gets dunked on by a college kid.

Nike, in a disastrous lapse in judgment, quickly confiscates the tapes.

Shit blows up.

Oh my.  This is a story. If you’ll remember, LeBron was blocked by a high school kid at his camp a few years ago.  And he was badly beaten in a game of horse by a warehouse worker in 2008.  That was well-documented.  So while this wasn’t the first time LeBron was humiliated by a mere mortal, it was certainly his most public humiliation.

Soon after this story broke, Philip Rivers was showed-up by a high schooler at his camp.  So perfect.  “Getting LeBron’d” officially enters the lexicon.

Is LeBron’s ego really this fragile? Is Nike really this over-protective of their little baby? Yes and yes.


3 Responses to ““Pulling a LeBron””

  1. Jason November 13, 2009 at 7:18 pm #

    I can’t stand LeBron, even his name is annoying. Le Bron. WTF kind of name is that. I hope he never wins a title. Ever.

  2. Ironic February 7, 2010 at 9:13 pm #

    the ad by google on this page is for Nike Zoom Lebron VI. hahaha way to hate and also get money for advertising for him ahahaha. I’m gonna go buy his shoe now.

  3. cavsfan101 July 10, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    Lebron is a COWARD u compare your self to MJ IT took MJ 11 years to get a ring bro and u running to go see dwade and he is washed up he made the playoffs with shaq down there we give u shaq and you are dumbfounded we gave u every resource and u are stupid and act like u dont know what to do maybe that is why you were ineligible at St.Marys

    Three ways lebron will win a Championship
    1) u get ur head outta ur ass
    2) stop playing like shit in the playoffs (personally i think he shaved points)
    3) You stop acting like your a Fucking Legend Because you are some punk ass kid with some talent

    you never be in the same sentance of MJ in my mind because MJ had Class Mj wanted this ring and would say loyal to his fan not run like a “Coward”

    SO Peace lebron hope u get sunburn

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