8 May

Something occured to me as I was watching Mike Brown’s sideline interview during tonight’s game:

Mike Brown……………………………..Mr. Potato Head


One Response to “Lookalikes!”

  1. mamopo360 November 17, 2009 at 2:50 am #

    last i checked, great coaches… umm, well i guess they coached. this puppet just sits on the sidelines and chews sunflower seeds. look at his clipboard in any clutch circumstance, there is nothing. this guy fucking sucks. hes riding lebullshit more than lebowels mom. i hate where this league seems to be blindly going. the only hope we all have is that other teams are so masterfully put together besides cleveland that no matter the amount of thrown calls, cleveland cannot win. that is the only thread intact keeping me watching and rooting for this fuck to fail

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