Princess James, “Sportsmanship”

2 Jun

Shocker.  ESPNBAvid $tern goes soft on LeBron.  Despite the fact that LeBron rudely skipped the post-game press conference, the league waived the mandatory fine.

LeBron James is David Stern’s spoiled little brat…or business partner…or both.  Mike Lupica from the New York Daily News nails it:

First the league said it wasn’t going to fine him, because this was a first offense, as if that’s supposed to come into play. Stern wouldn’t come out Tuesday and say exactly what he wanted to do, almost asking not to be pressed on the matter. Not sounding as much like the NBA commissioner on this one as one of James’ teammates, the ones who did have to stick around and talk about losing to the Magic. Or, and more likely, one of LeBron James’ business partners.

In the painful irony department, LeBron appeared in an NBA Cares commercial that aired during game 6.  His speaking line?  “Sportsmanship.”  Go to 1:14 to skip all the sappy bullshit:


2 Responses to “Princess James, “Sportsmanship””

  1. Jason June 4, 2009 at 3:22 am #

    LeBron only believes in the losing team congratulating the winning one when his team is the one that wins. Come suckle at “The King’s” teat!!! What a pathetic crybaby loser…

  2. Tuczilla June 5, 2009 at 2:32 pm #

    god he’s butt ugly

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