LeBoner goes limp

14 May

Up big right before halftime and playing pretty well the entire first half (he even made three jumpshots!), LeBron had the chance to turn the series in his favor with a crucial away win. All he had to do was maintain some kind of respectable offensive output in the second half. So what did the NBA’s premier superstar do? He faded like a chump and blew it:

LeBron sucks in the 3rd quarter

3rd quarter: ouch.

LeBron sucks in the 4th quarter

4th quarter: ouch.

When all was said and done, all the foul shots in the world couldn’t help LeBron pull it out (11-13 from the line). His anti-clutch second half performance was rewarded with a big, fat L.

Luckily, I saw the game at a bar, so I was spared the commentary.


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