27 Mar

LeBron’s collission with one of the oldest, skinniest guys in the NBA, Grant Hill, led many to fear that the Childish One had suffered a concussion.

The final question during his postgame news conference was if he ever has had a concussion. “No,” James said. “I’m too tough for that.”

Concussion or no concussion, LeBron fans now have a ready-made excuse for whatever bullshit LeBron pulls in the playoffs this year…


One Response to “Concussion-proof?”

  1. Adm October 26, 2015 at 8:14 am #

    It’s not cheating if he does what he does and the ref doesn’t call it. You’re alolwed to foul people you’re alolwed to break the game rules. It’s not cheating to goaltend. It’s doing something that the referees are responsible not to reward you for. . It’s not cheating if you throw a ball, and the umpire calls it a strike. There’s a gray area of dirty play that might qualify as cheating, but that’s secretive or concealed. There was nothing secretive about the Jordan play. Is it cheating to play a certain style that makes it difficult for the refs to call the game as close as they might if both teams were finesse teams? Jordan may have dud what he dud on that famous play we don’t really KNOW how hard he pushed Russell, we just see his hand and Russell losing his balance but Utah was notorious for its butchery on both sides of the court in those days. Used to drive the Ls crazy. Jordan spent his entire career being the greatest dude ever to earn the right to, um, guide Russell away, and then pose and shoot a perfect jump shot to end his career er, except for that Wizards thing.Sure, it’s almost more like pro wrestling than, say, running 100-meter dashes against an electronic stop watch or something. It’s right there in the NBA rule book that the officials are supposed to interpret the rules to foster the flow of play or however they put it.

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