LeBron Overpaid, Still Willing to Sell Pork Donuts

14 Mar

According to some study or something, LeBron is the third most overpaid person in the universe.  Only the human Garbage Pail Kid known as Snooki and one of the Kardashians are more overpaid for whatever it is that they do for money.

As overpaid as LeBron is, it must not be enough munny for that greedy SOB, as Dunkin’ Donuts has just announced that LeBron James is the fresh new face of their amazing and delicious pork donuts in China!  YES.  Finally!  You know what?  I’m being unfair to Lebron.  I don’t want to give you guys the impression that he is simply cashing checks – this is simply not true.  He is an *ambassador*.


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  1. Wow June 1, 2012 at 5:29 am #

    So he wasn’t overpaid when he was carrying those bad Cavalier teams right? Otherwise, why is this even a story?

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