15 Mar

LeBron and his merry band of pampered superstars couldn’t manage to beat the Bulls even with Derrick Rose sitting on the bench. ¬†That doesn’t bode well for the Heat’s playoff chances.

More importantly, this:

Bulls fans send a strong message sent to LeBron - FUK LBJ

If you want one of these FUK LBJ t-shirts, look to the right, click the pic, and snag one for yourself.¬† The more people humiliating this clown in public, the better…

You have to click directly on the actual FUK LBJ image, or it won’t work (because of the whole curse word thing, only a direct link will take you there).


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  1. Wow June 1, 2012 at 5:28 am #

    Leaveland fans now bandwagoning any team for the playoffs again. Seems like the Heat are doing pretty well in the playoffs BTW. How are the Cavs doing?

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