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*MASSIVE* UPDATE / LeBron continues to grow as a person

16 Dec

I just stumbled across this gem on the internet and I had to share it. Wow. This guy runs shit.  There is no doubt about it.

So there – I posted something new. For those of you who wonder why I haven’t been posting lately – in case you haven’t noticed, I hate LeBron James’ guts! So naturally, I hate typing shit up about him. I do feel a bit guilty, tho. Let’s get this website up to speed with a summary of all the stuff I missed:

– LeBron was forgiven by the city of Cleveland. FOR REAL!

– LeBron took the Cavs to the finals…and lost.  IT’S LIKE HE NEVER LEFT!

– LeBron continues to dominate.  THIS GUY IS REALLY REALLY GOOD AT SPORTS!

– LeBron has developed the ability to reverse male pattern baldness through sheer force of will.  FUCKING AMAZING!

Stay tuned for more!