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19 Aug

As one of my loyal readers noted, LeBron has been fully outed this summer. Since there aren’t many people rushing to defend LeBron’s poor sportsmanship these days, he’s having to strike out on his own.  His latest gem from some interview with a blogger:

Though a handshake is typically seen as a measure of good sportsmanship, James clearly has a different view. Still, when James was reminded that, in fact, players do actually shake hands at the end of a playoff series, James responded by saying, “No you don’t. No you don’t.”

Errm…okay.  Guess my eyes were playing tricks on me the dozens of times I’ve seen a playoff series end with handshakes.  Maybe TNT manipulated the on-screen images in real-time, as they did with LeBron’s crab dribble.  Read about it here.



11 Aug

Check out LeBron’s custom t-shirts! Arrogant. Narcissistic. Insecure. Pathetic.


He sure put those pretenders to the throne in their place.  Who needs rings WHEN YOU GOT STATS!?

I can’t think of many people, even many professional athletes, that are this purely egotistical. LeBro is an exceptional specimen.