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“Pulling a LeBron”

10 Jul

Main Entry: 1pull a LeBron

Pronunciation: \?pu?l ? l?-brä?’ also ?p?l ? l?-brä?’\

Function: transitive verb

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English pullian; akin to Middle Low German pulen to shell, combined with proper noun LeBron/LeBron James [exp], contemporary

Date: 2009

transitive verb 1 a: to become humiliated by an inferior member of peer-group b : to refuse to acknowledge failure [ref] c : to strain abnormally in order to prevent exposure of embarrassment d : willful suppression evidence (of failure)

Let’s examine a sequence of events so compelling that they necessitated an expansion of the English language itself:

LeBron gets dunked on by a college kid.

Nike, in a disastrous lapse in judgment, quickly confiscates the tapes.

Shit blows up.

Oh my.  This is a story. If you’ll remember, LeBron was blocked by a high school kid at his camp a few years ago.  And he was badly beaten in a game of horse by a warehouse worker in 2008.  That was well-documented.  So while this wasn’t the first time LeBron was humiliated by a mere mortal, it was certainly his most public humiliation.

Soon after this story broke, Philip Rivers was showed-up by a high schooler at his camp.  So perfect.  “Getting LeBron’d” officially enters the lexicon.

Is LeBron’s ego really this fragile? Is Nike really this over-protective of their little baby? Yes and yes.


LeBron smoked weed

3 Jul