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LeBron also loves the Cowboys…shocker

8 Sep

What a pathetic, front-running loser.

DJ Gallo’s words (page 2 guy), not mine.

When some dude from ESPN – an organization devoted to, created by, and supported by fair weather fans – accuses you of being a fair weather fan, you are most definitely a massive fair weather fan.

LeBron’s perverse love for the Yankees has been well-documented ever since he showed up at an Indians playoff game and openly rooted for the Yankees in an explicit “fuck you” to the entire city of Cleveland.  At about the same time, LeBron created a special Yankees-themed shoe with Nike to rub salt in the wound.  Then, as if to drive the point home to the few Clevelanders who didn’t get it, LeBron did a few interviews in which he publicly confirmed his love for the New York Yankees.  Any remaining microscopic grain of a doubt as to whether or not LeBron is a fair-weather fan has been completely obliterated with the not-so-shocking relevation that he roots for the Dallas Cowboys.

Wow.  How terribly predictable.  If somebody were to ask me to venture a guess as to what NFL team LeBron cheers for, my first guess would have been the Dallas Cowboys.  Why?  Because they are a bunch of dispicable, obnoxious, hissyfit-throwing jerks and/or prima donnas and they’re usually in first place or “supposed” to be.  Also, they get all the calls and have blubbering legions of uneducated, casual fans who can’t name three starting players on the team.  Sound familiar?

Three peas in a pod:

Tony Romo crying liek a little baby

Tony Romo crying like a little baby

TO crying like a little baby

TO crying like a little baby

LeBron crying like a little baby

LeBron crying like a little baby

Fun fact: Distance between Cleveland and Dallas – 1,200 miles.  Distance between Cleveland and almost every other NFL city – way the hell less than that.